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Fedora-Hosting - sponsor of the XV Moscow competition of the student projects

2007-01-26 00:18:32

The Moscow competition of student computer projects is carried out by the laboratory of the information science of the Moscow institute of the open formation (MIOO) already fifteenth time.

A difference in this competition from the traditional contests on the programming is that, besides the projects, connected with the languages of programming, MIOO will accept projects executed by students in different computer environment. These are office applications, graphic media, Web-projects, author's audio and video materials, which been passed through creative process on the computer. Projects can be carried out by both, a single student or by association of students under the management of instructor.

The main objective of conducting competition - development and the encouragement of the most gifted students absorbed by information and communication technologies. Among the nominations - programming, educational, information-technological and creative projects, Web sites.

Competition is conducted into three stages (from January through April 2007) - at the level of schools, regions and city.

Results of the XV Moscow competition of student computer projects and rewarding of winners will be held on 27 April, 2007, in the MIOO building.

Additional information about the competition you can find on the site of MIOO