Fedora Core Linux Based HostingFedora Core Linux Based Hosting
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Is something wrong with your server? Your business site is down? Can’t receive mail and cannot obtain important correspondence? Administration on vacation or is simply inaccessible?

We will solve your problems within the shortest period of time!

We provide the professional services of administration already several years and showed oneself to advantage only from a positive side. We offer services both on the constant and on the hourly basis; we handle ourselves well in extreme situations. Our specialists work with Linux and FreeBSD operating systems. We work only remotely, without the departures to the office or datacenter. We guarantee the effectiveness of work regardless of where your server is installed – in Europe or in the USA. Our primary task – is to show rapid and expert assistance to you and your business.

Costs of service

  • Installation/Setup of a server - initial installation or tuning server under the needs of customer – 70$
  • Constant administration – from 50$ monthly, depending on the volume of tasks, discussed individually
  • Urgent administration (12.00-20.00) – Urgent administration during day time, 30$ in an hour, minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Urgent administration (20.00-02.00) - urgent administration during night time, 70$ an hour, minimum 30 minutes.
*Time posted is UTC+3

What you need to solve a problem? Simply give send us a mail!